November 07, 2008

TweetBox progress

I have received a few cheers (thanks Lee and Rick), so I continued my hobbying with JavaFX. I am now really getting the hang of JavaFX. This fall, version 1.0 of the JavaFX SDK will be released. I can't wait, because many things in the preview release that I currently using are a bit cumbersome.

It also misses some rather essential GUI building blocks, such as a scroll view. So, I had to build one myself (I used James Weaver's TableNode class as the basis). I also had to write a new Text node that can wrap text. I had to do some very ugly AWT tricks to pull that off.

The current application still is very dumb, but it works rather well. I will next have to implement some config screens and have the tweetbox get tweets at a configurable interval.

At some point, I think I will decide to make this all open source on, so you can all look at the code and see how it is done.

In any case, here's a new screenshot (some of you should recognize the color scheme):

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