November 06, 2008

Mark opened his mind

Yesterday, I was at the Open Your Mind mini conference at Capgemini in the Netherlands. This year, this event was organized around Capgemini's Technovision, which is not just about social networking, rich internet applications, SaaS or iPodification, to name a few of the innovation blocks, but really about freeying your business' energy for innovation.

I attended these talks:
1. Technovision and Open Source Software by Ron Tolido from Capgemini
2. The launch of by Rob Bindt from Capgemini
3. Changes need innovation by Aad Koppenhol & Jaco Haans from Sun
4. Using jBPM to coordinate your enterprise by Michel Goossens from Redhat/JBoss

All in all, a very interesting event. Well organized. Good speakers.

I happily tweeted away during the talks. My tweets are summized here.

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