November 27, 2008

JavaFX: cool, but not hot

Some days ago I posted an item on JavaFX on the Capping IT Off blog titled: JavaFX, will the cat jump? The item has a slightly ironic undertone. That is because I am being very sceptic about JavaFX. However cool it will become, it will probably not become hot. That reminds me of that crazy webbrowser SUn once had: HotJava. That wasn't really hot either. Sun just doesn't seem to have the knack for being hot & cool.

Well anyway, I keep on playing with JavaFX, because it really is a very cool technology. I even put my pet project Tweetbox out in the open on Google Code.

Let me know if you want to join me and see where we could end up with this. I haven't seen any really really cool JavaFX apps yet, except for a few thingies and trinkets here and there. There's really a lot more that can be done with JavaFX, like for example a nice and smooth twitter client. Have a look at it and let me know what you think.

When you get it running it should first ask you for your twitter id and password. Enter them and save. Then restart the app. You should then see some tweets. It's not fully functional yet. Lots of functionality is still missing, but hey, it's a toy project and I have a family too.

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