January 23, 2007

The Zeros

It's a typical Wednesday morning in overcrowded Lowland. The traffic on my route (the A12 from The Hague to Utrecht) comes to a full stop. Off course, I was prepared for this and take a sip from my still hot coffee (a custom I copied from American commuters which are rarely seen without coffee).

There is nothing I can do about the situation, so I might as well make the best of it. I tune my car radio to a station that plays 80s and 90s classics. Nice, familiar tunes from the decades I grew up in. Somehow, my musical preferences (and also my fashion preferences for that matter) never got past the 80s.

I wonder what the current decade will be called 20 years from now. The zeros perhaps? And what about the next decade? The 10s? I will be undoubtedly old and hopefully wise in those days. My children will then see me as old fashioned and will not understand why I would want to listen to those horrible, old, screeching noises on those old, impractically large "compact" discs. Very hard to imagine, and I better stop doing it while I am still in the prime of my life!

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