June 08, 2010

How did the homo sapiens get extinct? Because of Type n Walk...

As a species, we are doomed. A couple of decades, and that's it. We're done for! Here's the explanation:

The life styles of the current and next generations will become more and more dependent on being online and on being in constant touch with other people through social media. Work and private life will get more and more intertwined. Office hours will disappear. We will probably develop stronger legs because we will always be on the go, and develop stronger multitasking abilities (women have have an advantage on men for that matter...).

City population will get denser and denser, as will the city traffic. Taking part in traffic will become ever more dangerous. Taking the above mentioned human species developments into account, we will be taking part in traffic while interacting with friends, colleagues, shops, et cetera. Do you catch my drift?

The iPhone app "Type n Walk" will hardly reduce the risk. I believe it will even speed up our extinction. According to the NY Times article (see link above), Finland is installing crossing signals in the street so they are visible to people looking down... The Fins will go extinct first.

Now, Unless the gadgets and online services we are getting so dependent on will really get smart in the sense that they can intelligently and autonomously act on behalf of us and that they can be controlled by thought in stead of by index finger we may have a chance of surviving our own stupidity.

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