October 16, 2009

A mayan calculator

The JFXStudio blog launched its second coding challenge. This month's challenge is to write an interesting application in no more than 30 lines of code in the theme: "five".

At first, I didn't think I was going to enter because I thought I wouldn't have the time for it, but I found some time and started doing a little research into the subject "five". So I looked "five" up in Wikipedia. There, I learned about the quinary numeral system (base-5) and that many languages use it. And apparently, the Mayas used a quinary system as well. That's when I decided I would make a Mayan calculator and with that enter this month's challenge.

I am finished, have e-mailed my 30-line app to Joshua, and yet again, amazed at how powerful JavaFX is. I was able to write a pretty good looking and functional application in just 30 lines of code. Click on the screenshot below to start the application (the source for the picture of the Mayan Ruin is http://www.themayantraveler.com).


William said...

This is a nice app, i don't knew the mayan calculator. Good idea!!! I'm looking for some creative idea with this theme, but i get any :S

Mark Nankman said...

@William: I hope you got some inspiration from my own idea then. Have fun coding it!

hai india said...

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