September 16, 2009

My submission for the JFXStudio challenge

The JFXStudio blog challenged the JavaFX fanatics out there again to code something awesome in JavaFX. This time the challenge is to write something interesting in just 30 lines of code (or 3000 characters): Small is the new Big. The theme for this challenge was announced a week later: time.

So, I decided to join in and code something cool in very compact code. I tried to keep my code reasonably readable, but I did use a few SVGPaths and several long lines to stay within the limits. So far I have managed to stay within 30 lines of code and also within 3000 characters (exactly 2901).

I am still working on making it even more compact, but a first result of my noodling can be seen below. Or click here to web start the application.

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