February 09, 2009

Broadcast yourself with MyBlogLog

I am trying out this new Yahoo service called "MyBlogLog". The service allows you to setup yet another online profile. A powerful aspect of MyBlogLog is that it lets you associate your profile with just about any other online profile you might have. The list of services MyBlogLog currently recognizes for this is impressive.

Once you have setup the bare basics of your profile, you can already create a customized widget and e-mail signature that you can use to promote yourself and encourage readers to follow you on twitter, become friends with you on Facebook, follow your diggs, ... .

My e-mail signature currently look like this. Nice eh?

Mark Nankman
UX Architect and Social Media evangelist

However, I am not too sure about this service. It looks nice, but why would I want to use it on top of all the other services I am already using. That's the whole problem with social media, isn't it? There is too much to choose from. Perhaps, "social umbrella services" such as MyBlogLog can solve that problem, but for now, I am not yet convinced.

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