December 13, 2008

A loud and happy XMas to all!

A long time ago (1998), I purchased the best xmas CD ever: "wir warten auf's christkind..." by "die Roten Rosen" aka "die Toten Hosen" or in English: "The dead pants". I play it each year around XMas. It is really loud, rocky and punky. My kids love it too. You should see them jump around when I play the CD.

Someone made a splendid little animation using one of the songs on this CD ("Still, still, still"), which I found back on YouTube again. Here it is:

The one below is a live performance of the same song. Also hilarious:

If you can get your hands on the CD, then do so. It is a blast.
But whether you buy it or not:

I wish you all a loud and happy Christmas and a fine 2009!

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