March 27, 2008

Wiki in AIR

I have started my first Adobe AIR project (whoohoo!). After I heard the announcement about WikiNotes, a wiki for Android (by Dick Wall) on the Java Posse podcast, I decided to magic my own wiki implementation out of AIR.

So far I have an AIR app with a TextArea, a Save button and an HTML View. I have reused the wiki parser example from the Flex3 examples to convert the wiki format to HTML. Text that is typed in the textarea is converted to HTML and displayed in the HTML View. It took me about 30 minutes to build that.

Now, I am building the parts that persist the wiki data using the built-in SQLite database manager. When AIR was still in beta (and still called Apollo) I already toyed a little bit with the built-in database components. These components are quite basic and use an asynchronous model. You ask the database to execute some SQL and point out a result handler to deal with the response. So you have to treat the database as a service. Not a bad idea, actually. Back then I built a tiny DAO layer on top of the database components, that allows me to do very crude but useful OR mapping. I think I might be able to reuse that stuff for my little wiki.

I must say that I am very impressed with Flex Builder 3 and the way it is integrated with AIR. Two thumbs up Adobe!

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